A Drug called Life

It’s said if you stand still, life will pass you by.

But it could also be said, the more you try to keep up with it, the more things can become less focussed.

The harder we chase life, the more captive we become to its brighter highlights and darker lowlights, like moths drawn to a light.

The more we try to get out of life, the faster the many colours we are fade, until we’re just shades of black and white.

Yet, wandering the streets of Sydney, trying to keep up with this world while it washes over me, there are moments when this blurred, mis-exposed, monochrome state of reality, this life, is like a drug………

a drug I can’t get enough of………………………………………………and I love it!

*    *    *

Solitude and Joy

The title for the fine art exhibition was conceived in the one place where everyone could go to get some alone time – the bathroom. 

While there, I noticed how the “unfortunate” single cascading tendril left of the string of beans plant looks so peaceful and serene.

In its solitude, it exudes a kind of joy. 

This joy is unlike the happiness I feel when I’m around delightful company.

It’s the kind of joy I feel when I’m on my own, working on apiece of artwork, thinking of nothing except what’s before me.

It’s the kind of joy I feel when I’m in a state of connectedness with myself.

Though my artwork, I would like to dispel the belief that solitude means loneliness or separation. 

For only when we are in true solitude could we find our sincere connection to divine joy.

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